Problem with Zodiac FX in Onos

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Problem with Zodiac FX in Onos
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:58:21 AM »
Good morning everyone.
I have a zodiac connected to ones along with mininet. In Onos I can see the zodiac along with two mininet nodes connected to each other. The problem appears when I try to ping between two host (mininet) ends. If I do not use the zodiac and use only Mininet nodes, the ping works, and I see that the forwarding flows are created automatically without problems. When I use the zodiac when pinging, forwarding flows are not created or appear and disappear doing strange things.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Pd: I have installed several applications in Onos including the forwarding one.

Zodiac Version: 0.86
Onos version: I try several versions