Zodiac GX and STP

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Zodiac GX and STP
« on: September 19, 2019, 04:52:23 PM »
Playing around with some Zodiac GXs we recently purchased I noticed that they have OVS configured with STP capabilities.
I have disabled STP from the switches, but then they tend to crash immediately after (the switches are in a ring topology). My thoughts are that the management and OpenFlow traffic is the reasoning behind these crashes, as they are traffic types not handled by the SDN controller and as a result enter a never ending loop.
My question is the following, is there a specific OVS configuration for the GX which would allow for STP to be disabled (so we can use the switches in looped topologies), while at the same time ensuring that OF/management traffic is properly handled?
I would guess that isolating one of the five ports of the GX for control/management and disabling in-band in OVS would do the trick (similar to the FX), but I have not been successful yet :(