Firmware update v1.30

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Firmware update v1.30
« on: March 19, 2019, 09:35:52 AM »
A new version (v1.30) of the Zodiac WX firmware is now available for download.

v1.30 Build 20190128_2

The following changes are included in this update:

- Update to OpenvSwitch v2.10 (includes support for meters)
- Update to Linux kernel 4.9.120

Please note as of firmware version 1.20 the Zodiac WX OpenFlow functions have now been replaced by Open vSwitch. The main reason for the change was to allow the maximum stability and compatibility with OpenFlow controllers.

The OpenFlow configuration settings are now in the rc.local start script which you can find in System->Startup menu. The only updates you should have to make are for your OpenFlow controller IP address and port. Remember to save & apply the settings and then restart. If you make a change that causes a configuration issue and can no longer connect to the device, press and hold the reset button underneath the device for 20 seconds and then release and it will restart.

NOTE: As the OVS config runs as the last part of the boot process any changes made to the running network config will not apply until a restart. So, for example, if you change the LAN IP address you will lose connectivity and need to restart. This happens because when OpenWRT reconfigures the interface and in doing so removes it from the OVS bridge which makes it unusable until the startup script runs and it is added back again. I'm currently looking into ways to make this more seamless, hopefully using NETIFD.

Also, please note that as this is a significant change to the settings you MUST reset them (uncheck keep settings) during the upgrade to ensure you have a default configuration.

Please post issues or questions related to this update within this thread.