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That is very helpful and informative, I didn't know that!

Thanks very much


Hey Paul!

I was hoping the VLAN ID's would be updated for the ports!  I am yet to implement the mirror port which I assume will be done through some form of ACL in the Faucet.yaml.  Should the VLAN ID's not be updating for my current yaml or am I misunderstanding the setup?

Thanks in advance


Zodiac FX General / Zodiac port config not updating from Faucet.yaml
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:02:02 AM »
As mentioned in a previous post, running Faucet as a controller for the Zodiac, Faucet is running on a RPi.

I have configured the faucet.yaml file as:

    dp_id: 0x70b3d56cd32e
    hardware: ZodiacFX
    proactive_learn: true
        native_vlan: demo
        native_vlan: demo
        native_vlan: mirror
    vid: 300
    vid: 101
    max_hosts: 0

as per the tutorial on

When I type "show ports" on the Zodiac, it returns:

Port 1
 Status: UP
 VLAN type: OpenFlow
 VLAN ID: 100
 RX Bytes: 27622
 TX Bytes: 18016
 RX Packets: 296
 TX Packets: 181
 RX Dropped Packets: 0
 TX Dropped Packets: 0
 RX CRC Errors: 0

Port 2
 Status: UP
 VLAN type: OpenFlow
 VLAN ID: 100
 RX Bytes: 22168
 TX Bytes: 23392
 RX Packets: 210
 TX Packets: 265
 RX Dropped Packets: 0
 TX Dropped Packets: 0
 RX CRC Errors: 0

Port 3
 Status: UP
 VLAN type: OpenFlow
 VLAN ID: 100
 RX Bytes: 228
 TX Bytes: 0
 RX Packets: 2
 TX Packets: 0
 RX Dropped Packets: 0
 TX Dropped Packets: 0
 RX CRC Errors: 0

Port 4
 Status: UP
 VLAN type: Native
 VLAN ID: 200
 RX Bytes: 22666
 TX Bytes: 24950
 RX Dropped Packets: 0
 TX Dropped Packets: 0
 RX CRC Errors: 0

Why might the ports not be being updated according to the Faucet.yaml?

I can confirm in the debug trace that the controller is communicating with the switch, it has updated flow tables and allowed two clients on port 1 and port 2 to communicate to one another however I need these ports to configure so I can mirror traffic off port 3.

Any ideas?

I understand what you mean with the source code!

From my short experience with the Zodiac, I definitely think that would be a useful feature! The reason I was asking was because my plan was to run Faucet as the network controller alongside Gauge which could provide controller monitoring.

^ Something along the lines of these links, then Grafana could display statistics provided by Gauge.

The Zodiac FX currently only supports one controller. This is a limitation of the current firmware on the switch.

Thanks for the information Kris! Is the limitation simply it hasn't been implemented in the firmware or is there anything to do with the physical switch itself that prevents this?

How could that functionality be implemented?  I really want to better understand the inner workings of the switch.


I am doing an internship focused around using the Zodiac FX switch with Faucet as a controller which usually uses Gauge as a second controller to provide data to Prometheus/Grafana.

I am trying to understand this topic more and I can't seem to find an answer to my question:

Why can the Zodiac FX only use one controller as stated in the Faucet documentation about the Zodiac FX?  What is the limiting factor that only allows one controller?
"ZodiacFX allows only one controller (so you cannot run Gauge)."

Thanks in advance!

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