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Just found out that this thread is similar:

Any updates regarding the possibilities for stacking?

Zodiac FX Hardware / Interconnecting 2 zodiac FX boards through SPI
« on: March 31, 2017, 09:14:34 PM »
Hello everyone!

We are very interested to buy several zodiac FX boards for research and educational purposes within our university, but we have a small question regarding the zodiac FX boards. The number of ethernet ports on a single board is quite limited (4 ports), and we were wondering if it is possible to interconnect 2 boards through the SPI port to create a single 8-port board?

This question has been asked before, and according to the kickstarter website this should be possible:

Could anyone confirm that this works? And if so, provide details on how the interconnection should be made? Any recommendations about suitable SPI cables is also very welcome!

Apart from this, does anybody know how much Ampere is needed for a single board?

Many thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards,

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